New Parents Network

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PRESS RELEASE - August 21, 1992


CONTACT: Karen Storek Lange

Executive Director

P.O. Box 44226

Tucson, AZ. 85733-4226


Business line: 602-327-1451

Fax line: 602-881-8474

BBS: 602-326-9345

Tucson -- New Parents Network (NPN) has undertaken the heretofore-unaddressed task of coordinating the nation's first computerized information network - NPNet - linking all social services, support groups and government agencies that assist parents and children. The network simultaneously allows parents access to vital information. Files include specifics on product recall, general safety, child care, support groups, as well as government programs and crisis information. NPNet is an innovative and powerful tool for parents and social service agencies because it encourages interaction on local, regional, and national levels in a way that has never before been attempted. Users have round-the-clock access to gathered information and resources. Anyone (agency or parent) who has access to a computer with a modem can logon to the central Tucson-based system by dialing (602) 326-9345 - 24 hours a day.


In addition, hundreds of thousands of bulletin board system (BBS) callers can dial a participating NPNet BBS in their area and have immediate access to all information. "Instead of incurring long distance expenses, for limited periods of time, callers now have the ability to enjoy immediate access with a local phone call to a participating NPNet," says Jeff White, New Parents Network Coordinator. Currently, NPNet has BBS's in 14 states and will be available on the commercial online network Delphi August 8th, reaching all states within the USA and 50 countries worldwide.


New Parents Network, founded in 1988, has been providing educational packets of information free of charge to Tucson area hospitals. The data gathered by NPNet will enable New Parents Network to provide a comprehensive guide to be distributed nationally to hospital maternity patients reflecting local, regional and national parenting resources. Follow-up newsletters and supplementary information will be furnished to parents as their child grows and concerns change.


"New Parents Network is a centralized point to gather and disseminate information of great importance to our nation's parents," says Karen (MORE)

Storek Lange, Executive Director and Founder of New Parents Network. "Parenting is one of the most challenging experiences, and without education and access to simple information we will continue to see the kinds of crises that frequently headline the news. New Parents Network provides an organized link that responds quickly and clearly to parenting needs and concerns. Its evolutionary character is unique because the more it is used the more complete it will become."


NPN invites all social services, support groups and government agencies that assist parents and children to have a 10-page file description on the network at no cost. New Parents Network, a non-profit organization, provides access to the network as a national service to all people and agencies concerned with parenting, and relies solely on public contributions, grants, and corporate underwriting support.


New Parents Network was nominated by U.S. Robotics, Inc. for a 1992 Computerworld Smithsonian Award, given to organizations that are using computer technology for the betterment of mankind.