New Parents Network

NPN To Support Hospital Maternity Patients

For Immediate Release
November 12, 1988


New Parents Network

Karen Storek

(520) 327-1451


Tucson, AZ – Newly founded non-profit organization, New Parents Network, will begin distributing “support packets” filled with local, state and universal parenting information to Tucson Medical Center’s maternity patients.  The packet is given free of charge to new parents when they leave the hospital with their new baby.


“New Parents Network is a central distribution point of vital parenting information,” says Karen Storek, Founder and CEO.  “I put together this packet so that I could help mothers and fathers know what local services are available to help them.  All parents need to know what plants are poisonous in their area, what clinics offer free immunization shots, etc.”   The packet also contains universal parenting information such as toy recalls, disability information, and many 1-800 numbers.


Local agencies can contribute information to the packet by simply contacting New Parents Network, but be prepared to provide approximately 1000 fact sheets per month.  Local United Way volunteers work with Ms. Storek to collate hundreds of packets each month.


Funding for the packets comes from business support and grant dollars.


“We see this as a beginning to reach families with parenting information.  My gut instinct is that New Parents Network will grow beyond my wildest dreams as the years unfold,” states Ms. Storek.


For more information call New Parents Network at 327-1451.