New Parents Network

New Parents Network to Expand Internationally

For immediate release

November 18, 1998


Contact:           Ms. Karen Storek, CEO

                        New Parents Network, Inc.

                        (520) 327-1451


Tucson, AZ – Tucson-based New Parents Network (NPN), a 501C3 non-profit organization, has brought together a new Board of Directors to help strengthen the organization so that it can expand internationally.  “Over the last 10 years New Parents Network has put together one of the nation’s largest repositories of parenting information and has established itself as a respected leader in the field of information dissemination.  In order to respond to international needs and requests we have a new Board of Directors and a three-year strategic plan of expansion to guide New Parents Network into a period of exciting international growth,” said Karen Storek, Founder and CEO.


Historically, New Parents Network has been a pioneer in the world of information technologies.  In 1991, New Parents Network introduced telecommunications to millions of Americans through the creation of the first computer bulletin board system dedicated to gathering and disseminating parenting information.  Additionally, starting in 1994 NPN has been unique in the industry by reaching families that may never have a computer and Internet access in their homes through NPN software installed on touch screen kiosks at Pima County Health Department and Tucson Medical Center clinics.

Board member John R. Bean, M.D., Senior Medical Director for Quality for Carondelet Health Network says “parents want and need the kind of information that NPN is providing.  As a Pediatrician and a parent, I find it exciting to have the opportunity to provide support to NPN and its mission and vision of reaching families through innovative ways.”


“New Parents Network welcomes financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations as it prepares to launch its three-year expansion plan which includes converting the software into a web-based delivery system and the translation of the data into Spanish.  This strategic plan positions NPN to bring vital parenting information to millions of new parents throughout the world regardless of their economic capabilities.  I am thrilled to play a role in this process during these very exciting times for NPN," says Bill Holmes, new board member and Executive Director of Jes & Co. 


Recent financial support has been given by individuals and by corporate sponsors and foundations such as TMC Healthcare,  U.S. West Foundation, BHP Copper, Smith’s Food and Drug Stores, and the Tohono O’odham Gaming Authority.

Board of Directors list & Mission Statement attached.