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Lead is not the major cause of danger with toys - it is choking

Toy Safety: It's not all about Lead Paint This holiday season, it feels like we have many things to be concerned about around the safety and well being of the children in our lives. One of those looming concerns we all share is around toy safety, with all of the recent reports about lead paint, dangerous magnets and other safety issues. Of course, we all wish that it could be guaranteed that toys are 100% safe. Clearly that's not the case! But, as far as we know at Safe Kids Worldwide, the top risk toys pose to kids isn't lead paint; it's the simple, deadly threat of choking.

Ways to prevent tooth decay in babies - one example, don't "clean" your child's pacifier with your saliva

Tooth decay is actually an infectious disease that is transmitted from caregiver to child between the ages of 6 and 36 months of age. A bacteria called mutans streptococci is mainly responsible. Babies are born without this bacteria but become infected through intimate contact (sharing utensils, etc.) with caregivers (usually mothers). Ways to prevent tooth decay in young children: * Do not share utensils (spoons, straws, etc.) with your child.

Suggestions for parents while they are discussing their child's report card

Helpful Tips:

1. SIT DOWN with your child and look over the report card.

2. PRAISE YOUR CHILD. Find at least one good thing: attendance, no tardies.

3. BE CALM! Let your child tell you about his poor grades.

4. ASK how you can help your child do better.

5. ASK what your child can do to make better grades.

6. MAKE A PLAN with your child's teacher to help your child do better.

Teach your children to NOT use an elevator during a fire, and other tips of safety for tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding

Why can't I use the elevator instead of the stairs during a fire alarm? It isn't appropriate to use an elevator during a fire or similar building emergency. Elevators are designed to be recalled to a floor, usually the lobby, during alarm conditions. In unusual circumstances, an elevator malfunction might cause the elevator to travel to the fire floor, thus exposing the occupants to the fire.

How to choose a pediatrician

by Dr. John Bean M.D.,FAAP


Over my years of practice I often have been asked, “What should a parent consider in choosing the right pediatrician for their children?’ I believe that choosing the right pediatrician for your children requires careful thought and a little research.


Dr. Greene's web site on children's health


We are dedicated to using information technology to make pediatric wisdom more accessible than ever before. Our goal is to improve children's health by informing and inspiring those who care for them.

By addressing the connection between the health of our children and the health of the environment, we strive to make a difference for both.

By providing information, wisdom, and perspective, we strive to prepare parents to become knowledgeable partners who can work with their children's physicians in a new and rich way.

Maricopa Parks and Recreation Department

From hiking on a barrier-free trail, to horseback riding along a creek, Maricopa County Parks offer visitors the best of the Sonoran Desert. At approximately 120,000 acres, Maricopa County is home to the largest regional park system in the United States. All trails within the Maricopa County Park System are for non-motorized use only. Ten parks in the system circle the metropolitan area and all are within a 45-minute drive from downtown Phoenix.

Child and Family Resources

Child and Family Resources - a non-profit agency dedicated to improving the well-being of Arizona's children and families through programs that strengthen child care, youth and families.

Choices for Families - Offers in-home family support services through a community-based, multi-disciplinary collaboration. The continuum of services promote positive parenting, enhance family functioning and assist families in maintaining self sufficiency. In Douglas, Nogales, Safford, Sierra Vista, Tucson, and Yuma.