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Tu Nidito

Providing support to children and their families as they deal with serious illness and death: seriously ill children, grief and bereavement, and Ben's Bells.

Arts for All/Third Street Kids

Offering child care, respite and after school classes for children with and without disabilities.

Arts for All, Inc., a non-profit corporation, is a unique blend of the Arts and Human Services. Children improve their language through singing, their coordination through dance, their visual perception through art classes and their thought processes and communication through drama. Each discipline is a wealth of learning opportunities that improve the lives of children with and without disabilities.

What to do if your child disappears

Information from the Klaas Kids Foundation

Many Missing Child Websites warehouse flyers of the missing: descriptive text surrounding haunted little faces that stare imploringly into a future that might never arrive. If you seek this kind of information or need to create a missing child flyer log onto our sister website Beyond Missing. The ideas and strategies laid forth in this workbook are for the extreme cases where it is confirmed or highly likely that a predatory abduction has occurred or there is evidence that the child is in immediate danger of serious bodily harm or death.