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Divorce Recovery

Welcome to the Divorce Recovery Web Site. Here you will be able to get information about our program, resources to help you if you are going through the end of a relationship, assistance for children of divorce, and schedules of groups and classes.

Divorce Recovery is a volunteer community service in Tucson, Arizona providing education and support groups for persons ending a relationship. Click on the Who We Are puzzle piece and the What We Offer puzzle piece to find out more about us.

Safety tip from SafeKids Worldwide - decorate safely for the holidays

Holiday decorations, especially candles and electrical lighting, can be fire hazards, and Safe Kids reminds parents and caregivers to take a few precautions when decorating for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza and other winter festivities.

Never, never leave lit candles unattended! Don't put candles on a Christmas tree or a natural wreath, or near curtains or drapes. Keep matches and lighters locked out of reach. In 2002, candles started 18,000 home fires in the United States and caused 130 deaths, according to the National Fire Protection Association .

Do not give aspirin or aspirin containing medicines to children under 19

What is the Role of Aspirin?

Epidemiological research has shown an association between the development of Reye's Syndrome and the use of aspirin (a salicylate compound) for treating the symptoms of influenza-like illnesses, chicken pox, colds, etc. The U.S. Surgeon General, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Academy of Pediatrics  recommend that aspirin and combination products containing aspirin not be given to children under 19 years of age during episodes of fever-causing illnesses. 

Harvard Family Research Project

Harvard Family Research Project's goal is to provide quality information and tools related to child and family policies and programs. We conduct, synthesize, and disseminate our own research as well as compile existing knowledge, emerging trends, and promising practices to inform our publications. We also aim to initiate dialogue through our website, publications, and conference presentations to shape and advance the fields we work in.

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

About Us:

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona (PCA) is a chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. PCA is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of Arizona's children.

PCA provides training, advocacy, program development, and public awareness to both public and private agencies, policy makers and funders. Our current projects include: