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Support for military families and their children

“When one member joins, the whole family serves.” You have heard it a thousand times, but what does it mean to your family? The National Military Family Association believes that when the spouse and children are taken care of, the service member can better focus on his or her mission. In this section, learn the many ways to support military children, the Nation’s children.


Here you will find resources for child care, whether it is day care on the installation, respite care when a service member is deployed, or extended care for parents working long hours. Learn all you need to know to provide your military child with the best education possible. What is best for your family? Private school? Homeschooling? Public school? Find all the options here, including what states are doing to make the transition between schools easier on military families.


Children are profoundly affected by a parent’s deployment. Find information in this section to help your family keep the communication lines open and make sure children are dealing with deployment in a healthy way. These transitions are tough on families, but in this section you'll find ways to help children and teens steer clear of risky behaviors during transition times.