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Never Shake a Baby Arizona

Every hour, one child in Arizona is abused or neglected... 24 hours a day.

Never Shake a Baby Arizona is a project of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. It is currently financed by the Child Abuse Prevent License Plate program. Our goal is to eventually provide education throughout the entire state to all parents who have just given birth. There are currently approximately 93,000 births annually.

At this time NSBAZ has two pilot hospitals. They are University Medical Center in Tucson and Flagstaff Medical Center. These hospitals were chosen because they represent the wide diversity in Arizona in regards to race and culture, marital status, and education.

During the postpartum stay in the hospital the parents are offered the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the project. The information they receive is in the form of written materials that they can take home, verbal education from the nurse, and a video that they view in the hospital.

They are asked to sign a Ÿ??commitment formŸ? that states that they were educated on the dangers of shaking babies and that they will inform any caretakers of their child about those dangers.

The information from the commitment form is collected and analyzed, resulting in a report by LeCroy and Milligan which has expertise in the evaluation of non-profit organizations.

Never Shake a Baby Arizona is now ready to expand statewide and seeks continued funding.