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Association for Supportive Child Care

The Association for Supportive Child Care is an energetic and progressive agency that has provided a variety of services to child care providers, to families and to children since 1976. Our mission is to enhance the quality of care for children.
At ASCC we:
Ÿ?? Provide training and education to the child care field
Ÿ?? Prepare people for jobs in the child care field
Ÿ?? Support quality child care through accreditation programs
Ÿ?? Help parents find child care
Ÿ?? Ensure nutritious meals for children
Ÿ?? Offer support and training to those who care for the children of family and friends
Ÿ?? Encourage child care professionals to continue their education
Ÿ?? Refer people to jobs in child care
Ÿ?? Lend toys, equipment, books and resources to providers
Ÿ?? Assist child care providers with state certification
Ÿ?? Teach children how to be safe when home alone
Ÿ?? Help children who are home alone after school
Ÿ?? Assist refugee families settling in Arizona with their child care needs